Wellness Coaching

Developing a relationship with an experienced coach that will empower you with the right information, help you create a plan of action, and hold you accountable to your goals can be an effective and rewarding experience. 

When you hire us to be your coach you will have:

  •  A fitness and wellness professional dedicated to understanding your needs and committed to helping you achieve your goals
  •  A trusted source of wellness information and guidance a quick phone call, text, or e-mail away
  •  A support system and source of motivation 
  •  The ability to tailor your coaching experience around your busy lifestyle

Coaching sessions are scheduled as best for you. We usually meet in person with our local clientele and video chat with our traveling and distant clients.

We often educate our clients in the following fitness, healthy lifestyle and nutrition topics:

  • Understanding, achieving, and happily maintaining optimal healthy eating
  •  Improving all aspects of fitness
  •  Weight loss and maintaining appropriate weight
  •  Living and sustaining a healthy, fit, and positive lifestyle
  •  Preventing and effectively treating injuries
  •  Training for a sporting event
  •  Becoming the healthiest you
  • Starting, safely progressing, maintaining, and modifying your most effective training routine
  •  Achieving and maintaining life balance
  • Transforming your kitchen into a health promoting machine
  •  Learning how to cook delicious healthy food
  • Managing stress holistically
  •  Achieving better sleep
  • Smart shopping in supermarkets and farmers markets
  • Detoxing . How to cleanse safely and effectively.